-Old Woman and I Assaulted: Law Enforcement Derelict

Old Woman and I Assaulted: Law Enforcement Derelict

An old lady and I were assaulted; I REPEATEDLY tried to report the crime; but police REPEATEDLY REFUSED to take a report, let alone press charges.

On another unrelated incident, I had SEVERAL GUNS and other property STOLEN; I REPEATEDLY tried to report the crime, and REPEATEDLY the police REFUSED to even take a report.

A while back an old lady was repeatedly assaulted by her sister. Often when Barb would get drunk she would physically and verbally abuse her sister Patty. On one occasion when Barb was getting drunk, I witnessed Barb repeatedly hitting Patty. I asked her to stop, eventually she did, just to start abuses another day. She kept on repeatedly getting drunk and becoming psychologically and physically abusive toward her sister. After I saw Barb hitting her sister, on a following days I saw Barb trying to pinch and punch Patty in the same arm that Barb had hit and bruised. Another neighbor witnessed some of the abuse. On several occasions I tried to talk to Barb, to get her to stop being physically and psychologically abusive of her sister; but Barb refused to take heed of what I said. So I decided to talk to her husband Jim, to ask him to get Barb to stop abusing Patty. Jim reacted violently and threaten me verbally and technically assaulted me. He didn't really hurt me physically, but he shoved me across the parking lot trying to intimidate me. I turned the other cheek, because I thought it would be more civilized to let law enforcement handle it. I called law enforcement; however they were so derelict and corrupt that they refused to file a report. Instead the police intimidated and threatened me. A kill the messenger attitude. They were cutting it up and quite jovial with the perpetrators. The police made a bunch of excuses that I feel were bogus. They claimed there was no evidence of an assault. Yet they had my testimony, Patty's testimony, and there was at least one other witness that saw Barb abusing Patty on other occasions. and there was the physical evidence of bruises on Patty's arm.

I was also told that the police were too busy to file a report. On many occasions I've seen police congregating shooting the breeze talking about things like ball sports and which of them got laid lately. It seems that often law-enforcement prioritizes loitering, over filling out reports. In my opinion such people in law enforcement and government should be prosecuted for loitering, dereliction, corruption, and possibly even fraud. After all aren't they defrauding taxpayers by not making a reasonable effort to do their job?

On several occasions the police were quite antagonistic toward me and escalated and aggravated the situation. I've tried contacting the city police, city Council, Hamilton County, adult protective services, the state of Ohio and the federal government; but none of them seem to want do their job. Instead they make up excuses, and point fingers at each other. Because I have stood up to LE and government officials that are derelict and corrupt; I have been harassed and threatened by them.

On more than one occasion, corrupt police officers told me that if I didn't like it I should move. I was told that if I tried to e-mail city Council, that I would be could (or would) be charged with Internet stalking/harassment. I think I have the right to contact city Council because I have a legitimate reason and because of law enforcement's and city council's corruption and dereliction.

I think if law enforcement and other government officials aren't going to do their job, they should get another job; like pounding rocks. If law enforcement and other government officials are not going to abide by the Constitution and the laws of this country; I feel that they should move to another country. May I suggest North Korea or Somalia.

I was trying to be an advocate for an old lady that was being abused. In turn I was abused by the perpetrators’s husband, law enforcement, city Council, other government officials, neighbors, the landlord, and the landlady. The landlord and the landlady threatened to evict the victims (me and Patty). Yet the landlord and the landlady coddled the violent alcoholics. After the attacks I even saw the landlady carrying beer for Barb, to go up and visit and possibly abuse Patty.

Patty was on blood thinners, so it wouldn't take much of a punch to cause dangerous bleeding and could possibly trigger a heart attack or stroke.

Patty was in such bad pain that she was in danger, taking away her pain medication, put her in more danger. Giving narcotics to violent alcoholics like Barb and Jim that are not prescribed for them; I think is foolish and dangerous. After I was assaulted, I noticed that Jim went to the store and got one or two cases of beer nearly every day. Between two people they were drinking more than one case of beer a day. Let's just say I'm skeptical that the medication was flushed down the toilet.

When I was setting up the camera on a tripod, I got confused by Patty because she was talking about the times that Barb was pinching her. So that's partly why my questioning and commentary is so bad. my apologies for being a bad interviewer/commentator.


By: Reform Government (19.70)

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